Thursday, September 5, 2013

Episode 243 - The Apocalyptic Battle, chapters 3-4

Episode 243: The Apocalyptic Battle, chapters 3-4

As the audience, you inherently know who these characters are, without needing any introduction.

The Horrible secret of space continues! And what better way to signify the coming of the end times and the ultimate battle between good and evil for the fate of all creation then with a few quick knees to the groin? Much bumping and grinding and grunting ensues (But given the connection to Delta Invasion, that was probably inevitable) as the ultimate evil angel of ultimate evil fights off an army of poorly realised shallow guys based off a lengthy in-joke that nobody’s bothered to explain. Can the ultimate savior of all mankind – a dude named Ken – prevail over evil? Will everybody develop more nonsense superpowers? How many levels of Super-Sayajin can one guy have? Will the bus load of school kids (no, seriously) escape from their inevitable imperilment? And will the fic actually go anywhere or just keep repeating the same things over and over for a dozen pages? It’s like Girl on Fire only with less stew and more grunting!

Riffers: Dan, Rebecca Bartley, Tsuneo Tateo and Rick R. Mortis
Written by: Zogster and Rick R.

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