Saturday, February 16, 2019

Episode 380 - Transformers Earth's Mightiest Heroes, chapters 1-5

Episode 380: Transformers Earth's Mightiest Heroes, chapters 1-5

It was a normal sort of day on the flying invisible aircraft carrier.

Giant robots have invaded the Earth, going to war with each other! Super-powered beings clash for control of mankind while repelling alien invasions! And yet, somehow these two groups are completely unaware of each other’s existence despite several cities blowing up and a massive alien planet hanging over them for some time. However, if you can put that minor plot hole aside, you might just have a rollicking good time with Transformers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, a fic which basically has its entire premise right there in the title. So sit back while Optimus Prime tells Captain America about how the evil infiltrator Bob fought Nick Fury, two identical guys with near identical names fight and the fact that cars are a rare sight in Germany in this crossover fic thingamajig. Warning: contains evil scary faces!

Riffers: Dan, Rebecca Bartley, Tsuneo Tateo and Rick R. Mortis
Written by: Zogster and Rick R.`

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Episode 379 - The Death Games, chapters 20-22

Episode 379: The Death Games, chapters 20-22

He paused for a smooch in the middle of a minefield while facing a gun-toting killer. I’ve seen better plans.

The Death Games has been a long road, but by now it’s approaching its dramatic conclusion. And with that comes startling revelations about the nature of the contest… Startling mostly because of just how little sense they make. We’ll find out why Ki, head monochrome bad guy and robe enthusiast decided to subjugate whole planets just to take off with one teenager at a time. We discover just what he fears – not really why, or how it impacts him, or quite how his plan to deal with it makes sense, but hey, he’s afraid of it anyway. And we learn the shocking true nature of the contest itself, in a flurry of exposition that manages to make less sense with each passing line. Secrets are revealed in the penultimate chapter of The Death Games – Tune in, and don’t find out!

Riffers: Dan, Maya Gold, Celena Harte and Tsuneo Tateo
Written by: Zogster

Monday, January 7, 2019

Episode 378 - Storm Force: The man who stole Polaris, parts 1-4

Episode 378: Storm Force: The man who stole Polaris, parts 1-4

Status: In the middle of exploding.

Imagine that you are the editor of Battle, a comic founded on the ideals of subverting authority through war stories that were gritty and heroic, but not romantic. Now imagine that the newest story has crossed your desk. It’s about a zombie stealing nuclear missiles to take over the world, and the only people who can stop him are a group of gun-toting maniacs who drive around in a shark-shaped car shooting lasers at people. And now imagine that you’re accepting this, because you know it lets the hollow shell of your once-proud comic can stave off succumbing to the inevitable for another two months. That’s right, dear readers, we have hit peak Storm Force. It doesn’t get too much better – and worse – than this.

Riffers: Rebecca Bartley, Natasha Isavia, Matt Simmons and Rick R. Mortis
Written by: Rick R.