Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Episode 334 - The Death Games, chapters 7-9

Episode 334: The Death Games, chapters 7-9

Well I volunteered to go participate in this grisly child murder spectacle for the pleasure of some enigmatic alien overlords, but apart from that? Peachy.

The time has arrived to begin the pageantry of honour, glory and lists of colours that is the Death Games... almost! Before our cast of very-nearly characters can get around to killing each other for the entertainment of the monochrome aliens, there's a few things that need to be done. Interviews! Training! Scores! Dream sequences! Breakfast! Staring longingly at some girl you've just met! That's right, it's a busy time for our monosyllabic contenders from their overly-descriptive planets as they go through possibly familiar scenes from a certain teen lit series while talking about the one girl who has a backstory and how perfect she is. So get your alien popcorn ready because it's almost nearly quite close to being time to start The Death Games!

Riffers: Dan, Maya Gold, Celena Harte and Tsuneo Tateo
Written by: Zogster

Monday, November 28, 2016

Great news for all readers!

As noted in my last art fail post, Storm Force is very... silly in places. The artwork is good, but at the same time it can be often hard to describe. In a world of knife suits, mutant spider goons, malformed henchmen, shark-shaped cars and armies of insane killer robots, it's actually rather hard to write good, succinct descriptions of what the comic is depicting and what's going on.

Fortunately, a bizarre form of salvation has arrived. Action Force fan site Blood for the Baron has begun a Storm Force ongoing scans project aimed at digitally recreating every issue of Storm Force. The goal is to cover everything from it's origin in Battle to it's two-year run in Eagle after the two merged, as well as one-offs, annuals, holiday specials and even text stories. It's a very lofty goal, given that the strip is otherwise unknown and dwells in the lands of obscurity. It also means that you can get to see Storm Force in its full, nay insane, glory.

On a related note, the fantastic Great News for All Readers has been an invaluable resource for me. The amount of information present, weather simply on-site or though its many, many links, has immensely helped me fill gaps in my knowledge and expand the material I have to work with. Plus it has scans of many obscure pieces, often with gorgeous art that's sadly overlooked. I cannot recommend it enough.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Art Fail - Storm Force

This Art Fail is a little different from the others. There's nothing wrong with the art in Storm Force; in fact, I quite like Vanyo's style. It;s certainly a lot better then the other Art Fails I've showcased. However, that doesn't change the fact that the content of the art is, well, just kind of goofy.

Case in point, let's meet our titular team of designated protagonists...

Storm Force! Fighting the war on mutant spider goons!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Episode 333 - Storm Force: Robot Raider, parts 5-8

Episode 333: Storm Force: Robot Raider, parts 5-8

When you're designing themed evil robots, you need to go all the way. There's no sense in just leaving it half done. Besides, a Samurai Robot speaking perfect English would be just silly

When you are facing an army of high-tech killer robots, there are certain skills that you want on your team. For example, for obvious reasons, you would need a computer hacker. That means you have someone who can hysterically scream and be useless while the real men blow robots up with their robot arms, samurai swords or knife suits. And when slightly misunderstood genius Paul Sondheim unveils his army of the twelve deadliest robots ever built (Insert Astroboy joke here), you’ll need all the crying and whimpering you can get to fight off this army of deadly mechanized cosplayers. Throw in a doomsday weapon that obligingly runs amok the instant it is introduced and an exploding bandstand and you have the next scintillating part of the Storm Force saga!

Riffers: Rebecca Bartley, Natasha Isavia, Mat Simmons and Rick R. Mortis
Written by: Rick R.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Episode 332 - Daughter of the Saints, chapters 7-9

Episode 332: Daughter of the Saints, chapters 7-9

She couldn't be more obvious if she was standing on the counter with a megaphone, demanding sympathy from anyone who passed her by.

Having reached its first plot point, Daughter of the Saints stubbornly refuses to go anywhere else. Much like a whiny, self-absorbed teenager (ie, its central character) it instead goes to its room and sulks and refuses all efforts to coax it out. And so while Gaia continues to while about how unfair it is that life isn’t like the magical fantasy world she wants it to be, Peirce gets a sandwich, Matt Miller takes time out from his erotic roleplay and the economic feasibility of supporting a Wolf Ranch on Deviantart commissions is contemplated at great length. So forget about stealing cars, claiming turf and over the top battles; because explaining how basements, chess boards, taps and zippers work is where the real action is at!

Riffers: Dan, Rebecca Bartley, Tsuneo Tateo and Rick R. Mortis
Written by: Zogster and Rick R.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Episode 331 - Daughter of the Saints, chapters 1-6

Episode 331: Daughter of the Saints, chapters 1-6

She needs to be placed in a more child-appropriate environment, like, say, a cage fighting league or the Korean DMZ.

After being forced to leave her beloved Wolf Ranch to fulfill the wishes of her dead beloved mother (and possible child molester), young Gaia Kirrov is reunited with her long lost father. And despite said father bring the Boss of the Third Street Saints, the result is not automatically a festival of excessive, nay cartoony violence. Rather it becomes an intense tug of war between said father and willfully neglectful social worker Helena (sadly not a psychotic clone) as to who doesn't have to take custody of the god-awful brat. So if you think that your Sandbox Crime Game needs less car thefts, drive-bys, poop trucks and naked sky-diving and more custody disputes, emo poetry, court orders and wangst over dead parents, then this is the fic for you!

Riffers: Dan, Rebecca Bartley, Tsuneo Tateo and Rick R. Mortis
Written by: Zogster and Rick R.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Episode 330 - Bubblegum Climax: Dark Horizon, chapters 3-4 and appendix

Episode 330: Bubblegum Climax: Dark Horizon, chapters 3-4 and appendix

Just gently reminding you once more that you might not want to stand around in the exploding factory.

Dark Horizon is a scathing demonstration of what happens when international agencies try to overstep jurisdictional boundaries through the actions of a single rouge operative following a personal agenda, as per illustrated through the medium of robots blowing stuff up. And boy, is there a lot of that to go around; so much so that the fix needed to cut extraneous matters (Like plot, story, characterization and nuance) to fit it all in. So while agent lly (Ully? Illy? Willy?) conducts her personal investigation/crazed revenge trip, Leon props her up, Sylia goes to a shareholder meeting and Nene does the computer stuff that is apparently her only defining trait, as she really doesn’t have anything else to do anyway. All this plus the same fight scene dragged out ad infinitum! It’s wiz, chummer.

Riffers: Dan, Rebecca Bartley, Tsuneo Tateo and Rick R. Mortis
Written by: Zogster and Rick R.