Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Episode 242 - The Apocalyptic Battle, chapters 1-2

Episode 242: The Apocalyptic Battle, chapters 1-2

Two guys meet in a carpark to fight with swords. I demand an accompanying wrestling match and a Queen soundtrack.

No good can come of a fanfic based on internet RP. And when one of the participants in said RP is Tom Dyron, then you know that it’s going to be bad. But this time, Tom’s not alone! Joined by his friends Steven, Matt-Ak, that guy, the guy with the stupid hair and not John Barren, they stand together as a sort of “angry teenage hormones” version of the Superfriends. And what does this combined army of might do with their incredibul chi powerz, you may wonder? If your answer is ‘go to the mall, buy dresses and threaten shopkeepers with firearms’, then you’re getting pretty close to the obvious subject matter of a fic-thing called The Apocalyptic Battle! That’s right, it’s Evangelion fanfic in the same way that Dragonball GT is Journey to the West!

Riffers: Dan, Rebecca Bartley, Tsuneo Tateo and Rick R. Mortis
Written by: Zogster and Rick R.


  1. I'd already been musing on the beginning of Undocumented Features again (prompted by watching Dirty Pair Flash) when I heard of this MSTing, and "a bunch of young men tell the world just how great their private jokes are while hanging around with two female anime characters" does seem more than familiar. The "riffing" was quite serviceable, although the source itself doesn't quite have the same kind of insanity as Delta Invasion; it may take me a bit longer to get used to.

  2. So this is what it looks like when you crash several animes together...I did wonder.