Saturday, March 11, 2017

Episode 340 - The Amazing Star-Spider, chapters 32-39

Episode 340: The Amazing Star-Spider, chapters 32-39

It’s like this whole fic is a competition to see who’s the biggest creep.

Ah, young love. Young, abusive love. Yes, it’s time for of The Amazing Star Spider and her creepy manipulative stalker flirtatious feline femme fatale. But it’s also time for Teresa to meet her new instantly appearing girlfriend. Yes, it’s not enough for her every stepped to be dogged by an obsessive madwoman, but our Star-Spider also finds a new love, almost literally flying into her life at breakneck speed. And you won’t believe which mutant it is that shacks up with our heroine, largely because they bear no resemblance to the original character whatsover. Sure, there may be something about a gang war (isn’t there always), and Crime-Master is still shouting, oh and she might have mutilated somebody in cold blood. But what really matters is that our lead is getting laid in the worst way possible. So come on in and find new ways not to enjoy The Amazing Star-Spider!

Riffers: Dan, Maya Gold, Celena Harte and Tsuneo Tateo
Written by: Zogster

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