Monday, February 8, 2016

Art Fails

One of the limitations of comic book MSTings is relying on the written descriptions of what's happening. This has two problems; the first is that a scene in a comic can often be hard to describe in text form, especially when it's a complicated one or involves a lot of characters, or action or the like. The second is that it means I can't really riff on the art quality. After all, I'm making a joke about the art in a way that means the reader isn't able to see what I'm joking about. It'd be like commenting on the special effects in an Ed Wood movie on the radio.

Art Fails is a new feature that will be addressing some of that. I'll be scanning selected pages or panels from some of the comics and sharing them with you in order to better illustrate some of the odder moments I've come across. They may be bad, they may be incomprehensible or they may be just plain awkward, but there's a lot to be seen.

As a way of introduction, I present a panel from League of Champions #6. I simply described this as "Kid making a weird face. I cannot describe it beyond ‘wrong’". Take a look for yourself, and see.

The Horror...
Seriously, if you can describe that face, then please explain what it's meant to be.

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