Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Wandering Star Saga, Part Two

Episode 151: The Wandering Star Saga, Part Two (incomplete)

Just to reiterate the point, Krokojam is also an idiot.

And now, from the very depths of Rick R’s mail archives comes the lost Episode 151. Unfortunately, what was originally intended to be either a grand finale or an epic re-launch (the jury was still out on that) got way-laid by real life and other such minor inconveniences. Consequently, it was never completed beyond an initial run of riffs and some fragmentary host segments before all work was

However, all was not lost. The draft would shuffle between different e-mail accounts for several years before being rediscovered and, for the first time ever, released to the public. And, while it is rather painfully incomplete, there’s still certainly some good stuff to be had here. So sit back and enjoy the missing episode 151. Who knows, there may still be more to come.

Riffers: Lightspeed, Sel Magyari, Alistair Woof Growl-Yip, Rick R. Morris
Written by: Zogster and Rick R

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