Saturday, January 8, 2022

Episode 440 - Death's Fixer, chapters 1-3

Episode 440: Death's Fixer, chapters 1-3

V and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad heist

V has a lot on her plate right now. Not only does she have a dead terrorist in her head and is being slowly killed by a piece of malfunctioning advanced technology, but now she has to deal with an utter tosser who is claiming to be a wizard and taking over her story. Not that said wizard is being subtle with it or the like, given that he’s basically wandering around and shooting people with magic spells in broad daylight while screaming ‘I am a wizard’ at passing people and being insufferably smug about it in defiance of all the rules that magic people are supposed to follow or something. So grab your robot arm, T-Pose on a motorcycle and play a round of beer pong with Nibbles for Harry Potter and the Malfunctioning Biochip Death’s Fixer.


Riffers: Dan, Rebecca Bartley, Tsuneo Tateo and Rick R. Mortis
Written by: Zogster and Rick R.

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Episode 439 - Mutants versus Zombies, chapters 6-17

Episode 439: Mutants versus Zombies, chapters 6-17

The worst part of a Zombie apocalypse is the lack of proper signage

The X-Men need to deal with a guy who can explode! Then there’s a girl having nightmares! And now the Silver Samurai! And it’s the future and they need to send a message back to the past! And Polaris is there! And so is Karai, who has teamed up with Magneto for no real reason! And, yes, much to my surprise, there are indeed zombies! All of this can only mean one thing; that’s right, the fic’s run out of ideas and is throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. And given that the only thing it can stick to is April and Logan being stupidly horny for each other, I’m not sure that it’s a bad thing. So get your katana and cheap beer for more Mutants versus Zombies. It’s got zaniness and/or hijinks

Riffers: Dan, Rebecca Bartley, Tsuneo Tateo and Rick R. Mortis
Written by: Zogster and Rick R.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Episode 438 - Mutants versus Zombies, chapters 1-5

Episode 438: Mutants versus Zombies, chapters 1-5

It’s just one of those things you know, he’s hit a wall and every way he looks at it, the only thing that’ll help is a telekinetic ninja.

It’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover without any actual ninja turtles, and a Zombie fic without any actual zombies. So then what does it have? Mostly Logan staring creepily at Possession Sue April O’Neil as everyone points out that she’s just like Jean Grey to the point that you wonder why the fic didn’t just use Jean instead in the first place. So while Professor X is missing, Storm tries to blow up Africa and Cyclops... just kind of exists, we spend most of the fic instead focused on two people best defined as ‘dumb and horny’. So strap on Cerebro for Mutants Versus Zombies. It’s based off an X-Men cartoon! No, not that one. No, not the other one either.

Riffers: Dan, Rebecca Bartley, Tsuneo Tateo and Rick R. Mortis
Written by: Zogster and Rick R.

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Episode 437 - Storm Force: K-Squad

Episode 437: Storm Force: K-Squad

Porcupine has to share a locker room with Magnus. After that, there’s nothing you can do or say to frighten him

They’ve fought mutant spider goons, a man wearing a suit that was permanently on fire, a Zombie with a nuclear arsenal and a robot wizard. After all that, half a dozen guys with guns seems somewhat irrelevant as opponents and a somewhat anticlimactic conclusion. But here we are at the end of Battle as Storm Force fight for survival against declining sales and editorial mandates. And with nothing to lose, our brave band of designated heroes prepare for the fight of their lives to see if they will make the jump to Eagle or end up forgotten in the bottom of a filing cabinet somewhere. So grab your machine gun, your pit full of landmines and the stick of dynamite you always keep on you for emergencies for Storm Force. This is a big news issue!

Riffers: Rebecca Bartley, Natasha Isavia, Matt Simmons and Rick R. Mortis
Written by: Rick R.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Episode 436 - Cross in the Light, chapters 11-24

Episode 436: Cross in the Light, chapters 11-24

…so he merged with the others to make Big Powered and they used the Rainbow Powered Attack to destroy Violengiguar and used the power of the Zodiac to revive the tenth planet…

Remember when Cross in the Light had a mysterious group of humans wearing giant robot suits who were capturing Transformers for unknown reasons? Me either, which is fine as it’s instead decided to turn into cheap teen drama with a vaguely robot theme. And the most important part of this alien robot war is to ensure that Jamie is happy at all times, which given that she’s a super-strong firebender with the ability to travel through dimensions and has a mutant healing factor might be a good move. And so as Thanksgiving is ruined and ice-skating is considered, Cross in the Light continues to spin its wheels to the point where you could sleep through chunks of it and miss nothing. I’m unexcited!

Riffers: Dan, Rebecca Bartley, Tsuneo Tateo and Rick R. Mortis
Written by: Zogster and Rick R.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Episode 435 - Cross in the Light, chapters 1-10

Episode 435: Cross in the Light, chapters 1-10

The line between innuendo and incompetence is hard to define.

This fic is about the Autobot Crosshairs. No, actually, it’s about his long-lost sister Lightning Flares. No, scratch that, it’s actually about Rangeblade, a Decepticon who’s reassessing her life choices. No, forget all that, it’s actually about Jamie. Who is Jamie, you might ask? Well the fic doesn’t really help there, but we do learn that she can sense Transformers, has a mutant healing factor and can bend the fabric of time, space and reality to her will and as such it’s vitally important that she’s happy at all times despite the fact that she seems to generate drama as she goes. It’s certainly not about a mysterious group of guys in robot suits, even though that’s probably more interesting. So leave no dentist behind for the first part of Cross in the Light. Almost featuring Hound. Almost.

Riffers: Dan, Rebecca Bartley, Tsuneo Tateo and Rick R. Mortis
Written by: Zogster and Rick R.