Monday, March 7, 2016

Art Fail - Headband people fight headband people

It's tempting to call all of Robotech: The Sentinels Rubicon one gigantic art fail. It's... a mess, with awkward characters that don't look anything like their original animated designs, skewed perspectives, weird-looking mecha and ships, cluttered backgrounds full of techno-junk and all manner of other things. Added to that is the heavy-handed and ugly inking and then the awkwardly executed tones in part one, and you have one gigantic mess.

Oh, and the terrible dialogue doesn't help any either.

Speed lines are exciting, right?

If I had to pick one moment as the worst the series had to offer, I'd go with this fight scene from part two. The awkward framing of this "action" sequence combined with the over-use of speed lines and the just plain bizarre character designs (including several long-haired headband people) produce an incoherent mess where you can't tell what's going on or who is who. Seriously, if you have any idea who any of these people are, please let me know

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