Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 2015 Update

The last few months have been an interesting couple for Elmer Studios, as can be plainly seen. The unexpected offer of a collaborative MSTing, while awesome, also managed to shoot our schedule all to hell and back. The end result is that we’ve had a lot more B-Team episodes of late then main ones. And even our B-Team schedule slipped, as the Rick R. half of the team took a break for the incredibly fun guest cast.

However, we’re not only back on schedule but we’re looking incredibly good for some time to come. Eps 289, 290 and 291 are in various stages of progress as I type this, and that’s not all. Due to some incredibly generous donations, we’ve got up to episode 308 planned out, and we even have some ideas for after that. Plus, even then, we have a sizable amount in the Strategic Badfic Reserve. And even then, that could go even further depending on how B-Team plans go, as well as a few items that we’re currently looking at.

Even after a top-up, donations are always appreciated, either by comment or emailing us at elmerstudios00 (at) Have a badfic itch to scratch? Then let us know!

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