Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dyron-ify your life

While doing research for and collecting the chapters of The Apocalyptic Battle, I discovered this artistic gem, actual artwork of our "hero", Tom Dyron. (Note: link goes to a mirror as the original source does not allow hotlinking. Also original source contains material hazardous to the human soul). While good for a gaffaw or two, I put it aside to concentrate on more data-mining and also to spare my retinas from any further discovery of related artistic endeavors.

However, a tip from an anonymous reader made me realise that I wasn't the first to find this lost artistic treasure.

Someone had not only found the image, but decided to improve on it in the only way they could; with meme-generated captioning.

Both in the form of quotes...

...and observations...

...and metafictive commentary on the entire Dyron mega-continuity.

(I'll leave it to you to decide which fic it is)

And so, in the spirit of sharing (and dolling out the pain) we offer you the chance to Dyron-ify your life.

Have fun!

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