Monday, May 13, 2013

Rebuild of Elmer Studios: The Terrible Secret Of Space

For a long time, it was assumed that the original, "raw" version of Delta Invasion was lost. Pulled from the Interweb by it's author as it "no longer represented his vision for Evangelion" (though the fact that it had become a byword for Bad Fic might have helped) and hosted on a now-dead Geocities page, it was generally assumed that Delta was long gone, and that this was not a bad thing at all. Various Delta-related projects from a TV Tropes Entry to a dramatic reading and even our own Rebuild of Delta were based on reverse-engineering of our original MSTings. This, naturally, resulted in a lot of creeping errors; between our own terrible original formatting, the need to remove riffs and the sorts of things that can filter between the cracks in the process, there's a lot of room for error.

Until now.

A black magic ritual performed with some half-remembered URLs, a crappy version of Firefox, and the entrails of a goat yielded something amazing and yet terrifying, something that must be shared with the world in one of those "group up to reduce the damage" mechanics. I give to you, the terrible secret of space: the original, raw, un-MSTed Delta Invasion.

Click the link, of you dare.


  1. ...oh god...I stared into the abyss!

  2. T-the legends were true...
    Googling for the author, Tom Chale brings another Tom Dyron fic...

  3. Let me guess - you knew you were staring a legend in the face the moment your eyes started to recover from that wallpaper.