Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rebuilding Elmer Studios - Matt

As noted in an earlier ramble, the rebuilding of the B-Team and somewhat whittled down its numbers. Two of them were seen as redundant, while another was seen as largely incompatible with the new continuity, to the point where rebuilding them would make them into a completely different character. However, the new B-Team plan called for a one-to-one replacement for ‘main’ characters, but now faced a distinct numbers shortfall.

The solution? Create a new character.

Meet the new guy
Despite this, Matt Simmons is not entirely new. In truth, much like the rest of the Elmer Studios cast, he’s a character who has been around for some time and re-worked to fit the role of RTiffer for the MSTings. However, unlike the other cast, he’s not a RPG character. Rather, Matt was developed for a piece of original fiction of mine that never saw the light of day (and, incidentally, post-dates the ‘classic’ Elmer era). More to the point, said bit of fiction was the foundation stone of what would become the universe that the Rebuilt Elmer Studios is set in. So in a strange way, it was appropriate to use him for the new B-Team.

Matt’s basic role, a spy after a fashion, also served as a useful anchor for getting him into the cast. Having set up the Rebuilt Rebecca was some sort of spy herself, having a character in a similar role but at the same time having a different approach and goals and working for a different government would give him an anchor with the rest of the cast. Matt makes no secret of his rivalry with Rebecca, and the pair of them are constantly trying to one-up each other, and play a game of ‘I know something you don’t’.

(Incidentally, Matt works for a different branch of the same agency that employs the Rebuilt Maya, but that’s a different ramble.)

Who he is
Matt’s role was dictated by the structures of the new B-Team; in this case, he’d be largely taking Tsuneo’s role; smart, observant, a tad obsessive and a tendency to point out the logical flaws in the subject matter. However, that did not mean that he’d just be a clone of Tsuneo, but rather he would maintain his own personality and style. He’s a touch more relaxed the Tsuneo and certainly less likely to fly off the handle, but also is prone to his own lengthy discourses.  Furthermore, he and Rebecca seem to be glad to goad each other while also trying to prove who’s the smarter.

As with the others, Matt’s background gives him opportunities for interaction and character development; his “work” life has already provided material for one host segment and plenty of riffs. It’s enough that the B-Team functions and develops its own flavor and personality rather then different names on the same lines.

And who knows? Matt may not be the only new character for a new era.

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