Monday, July 2, 2012

The Random Delta Invasion Episode Generator

After years of running on an "image", the Random Delta Invasion Episode Generator is back! Updated with a copy of the original source, it is now fully functional and ready for some hot random action. And who knows, it may yet be updated...

At Misato's apartment, Tom and his homies are sleeping. John, Charles and that guy from RaXephon with the bad Kamille Vidan discuss the past and fruit. Meanwhile, at NERV, Kaji and The Baroness are discussing how awesome Tom is. Tom and the gang go out playing Girlfriend of Steel when suddenly the Invador Alert sounds! Thieteen with options for another season Invadors will arrive in drag so the Children arrive in Gendo's Shagin' Wagon. Nerv deploys no EVAs. Tom immediately seeks out the most powerful Invador which has the body of a PIF Donkey, the head of an Ewok, the arms of Boris Yeltsin, the legs of the Abraham Lincon Memorial and lots of tatoos. The Invador attacks Tom with wrestling slashfics. Tom is almost defeated but then he jerks off and destroys the Invador by mashing its pinky. Then he goes and rescues Auska. After the battle, the kids go to have a short holiday in Pyongyang where they discuss how hard the battle was and spend all their yens. At NERV, Ritsuko discovers  Borjarnons burined in a mine.
Up next, Takeshi's Castle!

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